Rumblings over the rumble strips

A resident feels the new stop signs on Airport Way and nearby rumble strips are the wrong solution -- and could make it worse.

Letter to the Editor


The recent addition of rumble stripes and speed bumps along Nichol Road and the four-way stop at Nichol and Airport Way is nothing short of poor planning. It appears not much thought and planning went into this by our city engineers and planners. The speed bumps and rumble strips are supposed to slow down traffic and make drivers aware of the school zone. But why a solution that has a 24/7 impact be used to solve a problem that is only eight-hours a day, five days a week for 8 months of the year. In addition, it will undoubtedly be totally ineffective most of the winter. In addition, did anyone consider the real noise factor that the residences in this area? I think not. Perhaps the architects of this should spend a few days and nights at these residences to get the full impact of their solution before another lawsuit against the city for loss of peace, quiet, and income is launched.

The four-way stop was placed there to reduce accidents and because it is hard for pedestrians to cross Airport Way. Again, a 24/7 solution for a part-time problem. Is this a high accident zone? Second, if there is a problem with school kids crossing, then perhaps the parents could serve as crossing guards. The logical solution is a pedestrian light. There is one by Mount Begbie School and another at the corner of Victoria and 4th. Why stop traffic needlessly 24 hours a day?  Can you imagine the backup once hundreds of vehicles a day are heading to RMR? Not to mention the excess gas and emissions.

Let’s quit looking at the quick fix and come up with a real solution.

Roger Eddy,