Solution to Nichol Road safety is to move traffic


Re: Arrow Heights PAC wants sidewalk on Nichol Rd., News, April 20

I live on Nichol Road and daily watch the ski hill traffic as it races through our residential area.

I have watched as children wait patiently at the cross walk on Airport Way as SUV after SUV speed by with no regard as to who has the right of way. Sometimes a dozen vehicles will go by before someone stops to let the children cross to the east side of the street. I have personally had cars speed up and go around me while I was in the crosswalk crossing Airport Way.

As soon as the traffic rounds the corner on to Nichol their first action is to accelerate and, in far too many situations, actually pull out and pass other traffic on Nichol Road.

Their sole focus is to get to the ski hill as soon as possible. Ask the RCMP officers who man the speed trap at the Arrow Heights school zone.

Now the Arrow Heights PAC is proposing a “temporary immediate solution” (quote) to the problem.

They are proposing a barricaded walkway on the south side of Nichol Road.

Have you really thought this through??

Now you will require your children to cross Nichol Road immediately east of Airport Way to get to the south side of Nichol and then cross Nichol again at Park Street to get back to the school side of the street.

You are proposing a situation where your children will be directly exposed to the ski hill traffic three times instead of the current one time.

I cross Nichol every day to take my dog for a walk, it is dangerous!!

Give this idea some serious reconsideration!!

The solution is not a sidewalk, nor is it concrete barriers.

The solution is to get the ski hill traffic OUT of the residential areas. It never should have been allowed to go that route in the first place.

In the interest of child safety,

Grant MacDonald,


Editors note: You can read about council’s reaction to the AHE PAC proposal on page 17.