Thanks, Hank. You’re a hero!

Who was this mysterious 'Hank' who helped injured motorcyclists near the Enchanted Forest?


I was the second person on the scene at the motorcyle accident near the Enchanted Forest last week. A guy on a Harley had passed me at Griffin Lake and a few minutes later I saw him pulled over on the shoulder and not on his motorcycle. When I stopped, the man was down in the ditch helping the driver lift the motorcycle off his female passenger who was pinned under the bike. As it turned out the guys name was Hank and he is a local Revelstoke man. Not sure his last name. If it wasn`t for his quick action and his good physical condition, the woman could have suffered more serious injuries. The driver had suffered fairly serious facial injuries (he ate the windshield) and was bleeding quite a bit. Without Hank`s help, he wouldn`t have been able to lift the bike off her. I went to the Enchanted Forest and called 911 while Hank and a trucker, who had also stopped performed first aid on both people. Mike Martens, formerly from Revelstoke also stopped and assisted with the first aid. A great response from all involved and an amazing response by Kelly Christie and the B.C. Ambulance Service from Sicamous. They weren`t long arriving at the scene. Hank is my hero.

Gary Channell,


Editor’s note: The Times Review did some follow-up to find out who ‘Hank’ is, but still don’t know. We’d appreciate any reader tips on his identity. Call 250-837-4667 with info.