LOWDOWN: What to do at home during a pandemic

LOWDOWN: What to do at home during a pandemic

Just because there’s a global crisis, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun

Just like Bobby McFerrin’s song Don’t Worry Be Happy, in every life we have some trouble but when you worry you make it double.

Yes, there might be a lot of “trouble” in the world at the moment.

But as the former Bank of Nova Scotia chief executive officer Rick Waugh said in an interview with the Globe and Mail: “All crises end.”

But until coronavirus passes, here’s how you could occupy your time at home to social distance.

Board games: My personal favourites are Bananagrams and Cribbage. Since it’s pandemic, might as well play the long games. Get a good week long Risk game going. We’ve got time.

Bake: Now is the time to try multiday recipes, like croissants which can take up to three days to make. Try the 16-layer chocolate mousse cakes recipes. Of course, getting people to eat the goodies might be another difficulty. But, then again if a pandemic doesn’t provide the perfect excuse for comfort eating, I don’t know what does.

Sing: You’re at home. Sing loud, sing clear and sing a lot. And dance.

Book reading: Go for the big epic series, like Wheel Of Time and Game Of Thrones. I used to go hiking with a family friend, if it was a summer hike, she’d bring a book about winter. If she got too hot, she said it was nice to read about somewhere cold. What to read during a pandemic? Maybe something worse, like War of the Worlds, or something lovely, like Winnie the Pooh.

Movie/TV watching: This probably would have been a good time to be invested in online streaming services. Ah well. I’ll be better prepared for the next pandemic (kidding!). A show I just started watching and find riveting is The Morning Show with Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. The show is about a popular news program, where one of the hosts for 15 years is fired for sexual misconduct and the ensuing fallout. I’ll admit, I am bias towards it as it concerns journalism. But, it has Jennifer Aniston so you can’t go wrong.

Letter writing: I don’t know when you’ll be able to post them. But, when you can, you might have a detailed read of your life during the pandemic.

If anything, this might be a time to rest, think, and pull one’s self together and dream of the life you might follow when the world reopens for business.

Perhaps this social distancing will result in new generation nine months later that will be called the coronnials.

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