Taya Driediger competes in Kelowna over the weekend.

Taya Driediger competes in Kelowna over the weekend.

Acrobats spring into action in Kelowna

By Heather Cretelli, Revelstoke Acrobats

Eleven members of the Revelstoke Acrobats competing in their third event of the season in Kelowna this past weekend. This was the first competition for new Acrobats Isabella Mendonca, Joshua Winger, and Richard Eden. The competition hosted 120 athletes from all over B.C. and all Revelstoke athletes were able to make the top ten in at least one of their events.

The provincial 10 and under category saw Taya Driediger return for her second competition finishing 9th overall in trampoline, followed by Isabella Mendonca in 10th place. In double mini trampoline, it was Isabella who finished 9th and Taya 10th.

Joshua Winger earned two bronze medals in each of the trampoline events this weekend in the boys’ level C competition. In the girls’ events, Chloe Suchovs narrowly missed taking home two medals, earning a 4th place finish on trampoline and a gold medal on the double mini, with Jenna Bollefer taking the bronze.

Jenna Bollefer, our only athlete competing in power tumbling over the weekend, sprung herself to a 4th place finish in the provincial D category.  She also competed in B trampoline for the first time, finishing 10th overall. Kayla Fenwick earned herself a ribbon and 6th place in the same category.

In the provincial level B double mini, Kayla Fenwick flipped herself to a 4th place finish, with Jordan Vandenberg-Clark in 6th, and Cheyenne Brule 7th. In the higher ‘A’ level, Stephanie Batke earned 4th place and Marissa Duncan 9th. The only national level athlete on double mini, Richard Eden, placed 6th overall.

Five Acrobats competed in the highest provincial level on trampoline. In the women’s event, Stephanie Batke finished with a bronze medal, Cheyenne Brule with a 6th place finish, Marissa Duncan in 7th, and Jordan Vandenberg-Clark 8th. Richard Eden got a bronze medal in the men’s category.

The Acrobats are gearing up and training hard for their next big competition in Langley over the first weekend in April.