Revelstoke Aquaducks finish second at summer swim regionals

Revelstoke Aquaducks break records in Kamloops ahead of B.C. summer swim provincials.

Revelstoke's Division Six Girls bronze medal relay team

Revelstoke's Division Six Girls bronze medal relay team

By Eliza McGuire, Revelstoke Aquaducks

The Aquaducks traveled to Kamloops, where they battled the nine other teams that make up the Okanagan region, as well as some eclectic weather. Despite never knowing if it was going to rain, or if the sun would deliver a substantial sunburn, the Ducks all swam like champions. All Revelstoke swimmers achieved second swims to score for the team and contribute to the second place over-all finish, including the youngest Duck, Cecelia Hobgood, who finished 13th in the 50 meter breaststroke.

Many Ducks were not only champions at this regional finals, but record-breakers as well. James LeBuke and Nolan Gale both broke Division 4 Boys regional records. In the 200 metre individual medley, both boys were under the previous record, with James holding the record at the end of the meet. He also broke the 100 metre breaststroke record, while Nolan set a new 100 metre freestyle record.

Beth Granstrom broke the Division 5 Girls 200 metre IM record, Alex Jay the Division 3 Boys 50 metre backstroke record, and Ryder Litke the Division 1 Boys 100 metre IM and 50 metre butterfly records. Ryder’s 100 IM time was also under the current provincial record, though that must be swam at provincials to stand.

Club records can be swam at any time, and Devyn Gale, Alex Jay and Jackson Litke took full advantage of that. In the 50 metre backstroke, Devyn was out fast from the start and was never caught on her way to breaking long-time Duck Beth Granstrom’s old record on her way to gold.

Alex Jay also beat a record that belonged to a current Duck in the 100 meter freestyle, besting James LeBuke’s old mark in the finals on Sunday night while finishing over a body length ahead of the second place finisher.

Jackson Litke had a breakthrough meet, breaking records in three of his four events, each of which he won. The first to fall was the 100 metre butterfly, but the 50 metre butterfly record, one of the oldest left on the Duck record board, was soon to follow the next morning and again in finals that afternoon. Entering the 2015 season, Jackson’s best time in the 100 meter backstroke was faster than the record, but it took until the second to last meet of the year for Jackson to finally sink below it (and how!).

Sunday afternoon’s finals also had the Division 5 Boys freestyle relay of Jackson Litke, Logan Lalonde, James LeBuke and Nolan Gale breaking the regional record.

Despite not bringing down any records, other swimmers had excellent meets. Kayln Gale, Autumn Griffith-Doyle, Sani Supinen, Kale Jay and Bence Berkenbosch finished on the podium in all of their events, though those were not the lone victories this regionals: Revelstoke brought home the trophy for the annual Cheer Contest.

Provincial qualifiers are: Autumn Girffith-Doyle, Monica Parkin, Suri Stewardson, Emma Mair, Lutza Berkenbosch, Yorke Parkin, Ryder Litke, William Hobgood, Bence Berkenbosch, Madeleine Hobgood, Sani Supinen, Kayln Gale, Murdoch Tegart, Kale Jay, Alex Jay, Tye Hoshizaki, Hunter Stewardson, Devyn Gale, Megan Hoshizaki, Elizabeth McDowell, Paige Mckenzie, Nolan Gale, James LeBuke, Stefan Spataro, Logan Marcolli, Logan Lalonde, Colm Molder, Bryce Molder, Jackson Litke, Erik Brosch, Beth Granstrom, Brynn Hoshizaki, Gina Cinelli and Kaitie Howard.

They will all be heading to Victoria from August 21–23 to compete the province’s top swimmers.