(Myles Williamson)

(Myles Williamson)

Revelstoke Cycling Association announce opening Frisby Ridge alpine trail

The alpine trail will open tomorrow (July 15)

The Revelstoke Cycling Association (RCA) is set to open its alpine trail on Frisby Ridge tomorrow (July 15).

The iconic alpine trail has a delayed opening compared to the other mountain biking trails in the region to protect invaluable wildlife. In previous years, the delayed opening was to protect the caribou in the region. Since last fall, the herd was considered functionally extirpated, but the BC Recreation Sites and Trails upheld the delay for the grizzly bears that are also in the area.

Despite the higher elevation, the area experienced a faster melt than in years prior, allowing the RCA to get in and prepare the trails.

The RCA said in its newsletter that the Vistas trail is open to the end, giving riders more than 30 km of trails that they can access in the alpine.

The RCA thanked Glacier Helicopters for helping get RCA trail workers up to the alpine to help service the trails. The organization also thanked Wandering Wheels and Eagle Pass Lodge for giving the crews a loan of some e-bikes to help them get around the trails as they fixed them up.

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