Kathy Burke and Greg Byman of the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club present a $1

Kathy Burke and Greg Byman of the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club present a $1

Snowmobile season well under-way for provinces biggest club

The snowmobile season is definitely under way for another season.

Contributed by the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club

The snowmobile season is definitely under way for another season. It seems we have just finished last year and here we go again. Interest is very high this year and that is reflected by the number of memberships already coming into the club. We finished last season with over 600 members, making our club the largest in B.C.

With the completion of the new cabin on Boulder, we are now looking at renovating the Frisby cabin. Not to the same degree as Boulder, but giving it the facelift it definitely needs. We would like to side the cabin with the same type of siding as Boulder, put new tin on the roof, along the same style as on Boulder, and add a much larger deck to the front of the cabin. Of course, getting this type of work done on a building in the backcountry has its limitations in that there are not a lot of contractors willing to do this kind of construction because of the location.

Trail grooming has started but we are facing a couple of issues and those include logging taking place on Frisby this year. Stella-Jones and the Forest Service are in the process of building an alternate road to bypass the existing road so as not to interfere with logging traffic. The construction of a cell tower in the west entrance trail area has impacted access along that trail as well.

With the recent closures of Caribou and Standard Basin, snowmobiling this season has lost two more areas. The club has been trying to work with government on this but to date has had little success. Through a support letter writing campaign to government though, they certain know we are here and we will continue to work towards the re-opening of these areas.

Some of the events the club has planned this year include a Ladies Ride on March 3 on Boulder. Info is available from Kathy Burke at 250-837-2595. As well, the Canadian Avalanche Centre will be holding Avy Days at the Boulder Cabin on January 21. Snowarama once again will be held but no definite date has been set for this event yet.

The club established a new web site over the summer that offers a lot of information to snowmobilers, links to the Canadian Avalanche Centre for daily updates, links to tour operators, road conditions, weather reports and daily grooming reports as well as a news release page to keep our members informed on what is happening in the Revelstoke area. We encourage all backcountry users to check updates from the club and the avalanche centre prior to going out. We offer a membership application on the site as well and a photo gallery that will expand over the winter.

We also encourage sledders to take an avalanche course and to make sure they carry the proper gear and know-how to use it. A number of courses are being offered and info can be obtained via the website as well.

Memberships are available in town at Rough Country Marine, Days Inn, Sandman Hotel, the Sled Shed, as well as from the web site revelstokesnowmobileclub.com