Host, Casey Brown, at the Dark Horse Invitational at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. (Zachary Delaney)

Host, Casey Brown, at the Dark Horse Invitational at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. (Zachary Delaney)

The winners of the other awards up for grabs at the Dark Horse Invitational

Let’er Buck, True Blue, Wild Jane, and Stay Gold: the other awards at the Dark Horse Invitational

The Dark Horse invitational included some big jumps, big falls, and big awards for both.

The Dark Horse invitational, hosted by Casey Brown, finished up on Saturday. The event attracted a large crowd with big cheers as some of the world’s best mountain bikers took to the jump course at Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR). 15-year-old Erice VanLeuven from New Zealand was awarded the title for best up-and-comer. However, the Dark Horse event also had other awards up for grabs.

Natasha Miller took home the coveted “Let’er Buck” award. The let er’ buck award goes to the athlete who goes big and comes down hard. As the main event slowed on Saturday, Miller was hitting one of the two kickers at the bottom of the course and trying to land a backflip. By the end of the day, Miller was almost rolling away in the mulch from a successful backflip.

The “Stay Gold” award was awarded to the athlete who kept up a high positivity throughout the whole event. This year, Lucy VanEestern snagged the award after being the life of the party on Saturday. VanEeestern could be seen in a high-visibility vest she borrowed from a volunteer before leading a train down the course.

Georgia Astle claimed the “True Blue” award of the event. The true blue went to the best mentor of the event, who helped some of the younger riders with tips, tricks, and pointers.

Finally, the “Wild Jane” award went to the rider who landed the best trick. Kirstin Van Horne of Nelson, got the wild jane award for rolling away from with a no hander landing. As the day concluded on Saturday, Van Horne was working on her no-foot cans and supermans.

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