The goose on the animal trail. (Contributed by Brendan MacIntosh)

Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club introduces trail with interactive woodland creatures

The 150m trail opened on Jan. 6

The Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club has created a trail to give young skiers a chance to interact with art representing some of the animals local to the area.

The animal sculptures were designed and created by Gabriella Draboczi.

According to Brendan MacIntosh, of RNSC, the original idea was thought up by Matt Snyder, a former coach at the club.

About a year ago, MacIntosh took over the project, and opened it for the first day on Jan. 6.

MacIntosh said that the goal of the trail was to make it for young skiers, aged three to five.

The trail is not very long, approximately 150 metres long; of the six animals, five are interactive.

The bear sculpture has an open mouth for children to put snowballs into and the moose has legs kids can ski through. There’s a beaver whose tail has room to ski though, plus a caribou and a goose.

“If you head down lower Mickey’s Loop, and look to your left just after the pole barn before the bridge, you’ll see a new trail has been tromped in the woods,” said RNSC in a news release. “If you listen hard, you may hear some snuffling, perhaps a grunt or two, and most definitely some laughter.”

RNSC has thanked those who helped make the animal trail possible: Gabriella Draboczi, Duane Dukart, Matt Smider, Bridget Daughney, Brendan MacIntosh, Vanessa Morrow.

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