Beau Miller is opening  a Bikram Yoga studio

Beau Miller is opening a Bikram Yoga studio

Four new Revelstoke businesses ready to serve you

Dollar store, car rental business, printing shop and yoga studio open for business or opening very soon in Revelstoke

Hot yoga classes now available

Since November, Beau Miller has been teaching Bikram yoga out of a small studio downtown. At the beginning of next month she is moving into a new, bigger space on Illecillewaet Road, and in preparation she is holding an information session on April 22.

“There’s loads of people in town that when we meet each other on the street, they say they’ve been meaning to come or they’re hesitant, so this is an opportunity for these people to come, listen to a presentation and ask questions,” she said.

Bikram is a style of yoga adapted from the ancient Hatha yoga by Bikram Choudhury, who chose 26 postures and two breathing exercises to be performed in a specific order inside a hot room that is designed to mimic practicing yoga in India.

“It’s been proven to be effective, to significantly help people with their pain – whether it’s mental pain of physical pain,” said Miller.

Bikram yoga is performed in a room that is 40 C. The heat is said to make the muscles softer, making them more flexible and allowing them to stretch further and deeper.

Miller discovered Bikram yoga after going to classes with her daughter Courtney. Last year she took her teacher’s training at Bikram Yoga College in Los Angeles.

“When I come out of the room it feels like I’m inside a new body. It just feels like a full body massage,” she said. “Teaching, what I get out of it is seeing the joy and relief in my students faces, and the words they’re telling me.”

Her new studio is located at 1596 Illecillewaet Road. It will have a bigger room, a change room and a bigger reception area. It is scheduled to open on May 1, but before that she is holding an information session on April 22 from 6–7 p.m.

Until the studio opens, she will continue to hold daily drop-in classes at her studio at 111 Second St. East.

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Selkirk Car Rental fills rental niche

Ian Smith of Classic Collision and Classic Towing in the Big Eddy has opened Selkirk Car Rental, which offers six vehicles for rent, with more planned for the fleet soon.

The car rental business fills a void after the closure of rental franchise Thrifty, which was located in the industrial park.

Selkirk Car Rental is co-located with the existing towing and collision repair business.

Currently, the business has several kinds of vehicles for rent, including a Ford Focus, a Ford Fusion, a Chevy Impala and a Pontiac Pursuit.

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PHOTO: Ian Smith has opened Selkirk Car Rental, filling a void left after Thrifty closed its doors in Revelstoke. Photo contributed


In the future, Smith hopes to expand into other products, such as renting cargo trailers.

Your Dollar Store With More moves into Revelstoke

The Your Dollar Store With More has expanded its into Revelstoke which has been a long time coming, says Jeff Simla, director of Sales and Marketing for the franchise.

“We’ve been wanting to go into the Revelstoke market for some time now,” he said. “We saw a gap in the industry that we could fill in Revelstoke with our store.”

The Your Dollar Store took over the old Lordco location in the Alpine Village Mall.

“The traffic of the Alpine Village Mall centre is very good, especially with the Cooper’s grocery store there which is why we specifically wanted that location.”

Simla also said that location was a consideration for their customers because they wanted to create “a one-stop shopping area within the mall.”

They opened their doors for business on Apr. 13, and their official grand opening is planned for a yet-to-be determined date later this month.

Simla said that The Your Dollar Store’s merchandise is composed of primarily discount items with, “everything from party supplies to the latest electronic gadgets priced at one-, two- and five-dollar price ranges.”

Another market that the Your Dollar Store wanted to cash in on was the weekend-get-away tourist crowds with product offerings such as disposable napkins, plates and cups.

“We believe there is a huge market for those who are going up to ski resort as well as the campgrounds and many other get-aways there are in and around Revelstoke,” he said.

According to their website, The Your Dollar Store With More empire was originally founded in 1998 by Russ and Sherry Meszaros who wanted to, “to raise the bar in the dollar store industry by opening a dollar store that was less cluttered, well merchandised, brighter and cleaner.”

Today, their 100 per cent Canadian-owned corporate kingdom has 135 stores across Canada – in six provinces and one territory – with a home-base in Kelowna, B.C..

Lakeside Printing opens new location in Revelstoke

Dan Renaud will soon open a new printing shop called Lakeside Printing on First Street East after buying out The Revelstoke Printing Company.

Salmon Arm-based Lakeside Printing, and he has been merging and acquiring for some time now.

“In today’s world, the easiest way to make your business grow and survive is to buy the competition,” he said. “I’ve bought five printing-related companies over the past several years.”

Lakeside Printing has offices in Salmon Arm, Vernon and now Revelstoke.

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PHOTO: Dan Renaud of Lakeside Printing is opening a new location on First Street East after buying on Revelstoke Printing. Carl BR Johnson photo

“It’s all about local. For our day-to-day service all you have to do is service the local people at a fair price and they’ll be loyal,” Renaud said. “In every city, we support local minor sports as soon as we get approached.”

As president of Lakeside Printing and manager of the Revelstoke location, this already busy man oversaw the move of his company into the Arlington building from the old Revelstoke Printing Company location on First Street West.

Renaud said visibility will be key. “In the past, we’ve had two print shops built in the basement and as soon as we brought them up to a street-level setup, our volume basically doubled because people could actually see the store.”

His little print shop can produce a myriad of printed products, including business cards, leaflets, the TV Guide for all of B.C.’s Interior, as well as banners that can as wide as 31 metres.

“We can produce banners that could wrap a building,” boasts Renaud.

Renaud runs a family business. His wife Susan keeps the books for all the offices at Lakeside Printing. His daughter Janine operates the Salmon Arm office and his son Steve manages the Vernon office.

“It is really gratifying to see the whole family working for the business.”