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Young farmers upholding Chase’s reputation for sweet corn

Jordan Wales and Ashley Campbell new faces behind Pete Murray’s Corn Farm
Young agrarians Lewis and Vincent Burkholder operate the Burkholder Brothers Corn Farm, while Jordan Wales and Ashley Campbell the new faces behind Pete Murray’s Corn Farm.(Contributed)

Chase and area has always been known for it’s summertime sweet corn.

Pete Murray’s Corn Farm and Golden Ears Farm have been building that reputation since the 1960s.

Jordan Wales, Peter Murray’s nephew, and Ashley Campbell, daughter of Raymonde Dunn-Murray, have recently put a new face to the Murray’s corn farm. Taking a break from the 9 to 5, the two decided to return to their roots and family history of farming in this valley.

Growing up in the community of Chase, Wales, Campbell and Vincent and Lewis Burkholder all benefited from employment in the summer months in corn fields. Growing, picking and marketing corn inspired the future of both families to build individual corn businesses.

At the time of Peter’s retirement in 2019, the Burkholders were eager to continue farming corn in the area. Under Peter’s mentorship early on, the Burkholder Brothers, Vincent and Lewis have grown their business into a marketplace of fruit, veggies and corn.

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Ashley and Jordan have branched out into a new business model on their new property which is adjacent to the Murrays’ home residence on VLA road. The new homestead of the two has become home base for the new corn business.

From a young age, Ashley and Jordan spent time with Peter in the fields learning the trade and tradition of farming corn in the area. The couple look forward to the future of building a home with the legacy of family and farming together.

Jordan, Ashley, Lewis and Vincent, with all other young agrarians, continue to appreciate the community and surrounding areas’ support of agriculture in the valley.

All groups strive to work together to support the future and sustainability of agriculture endeavors along with growing the next generation of farmers.