Begbie View Elementary students protest in silence

Begbie View Elementary students protest in silence

Students showcase their passions in Vow of Silence March through downtown Revelstoke

The students at Begbie View Elementary school took a stand for the causes they care about — by being absolutely silent.

The Vow of Silence March on Wednesday, June 7, was inspired by Me To We, an organization dedicated to fostering leadership and volunteerism in youth today.

Intermediate students each researched a topic that they care about and then created a visual display that they wore or handed out during the march. Topics included child poverty in B.C. and the world, animal cruelty, mental health, global warming, pollution, and children’s rights.

These are currently on display in the school foyer at Begbie View.

This was an exercise in peaceful demonstration — likely a first for many students. They conducted themselves with integrity and determination.

Please “hear” them.

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