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Fundraiser launched for Kelowna man with newly discovered disease

Medication to treat Brendan Nishimura’s MOGAD will cost up to $40,000 a year

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up for a Kelowna man who needs $40,000 in medication costs after being diagnosed with a newly discovered disease.

Brendan Nishimura was recently diagnosed with MOGAD, a condition that causes inflammation in the optic nerve. It can also cause inflammation in the spinal cord and brain. Before he was diagnosed, Nishimura thought he had a back injury. Now, he has lost function of his feet and legs, along with the ability to swallow and use his tongue. He has also lost the ability to use his bladder and has partially lost vision in his left eye.

“He is currently unable to walk or eat solid food and has extreme nervous system issues causing spasms and pain. He was recently moved to the hospital rehabilitation center and is slowly relearning how to walk and swallow,” said organizers Natasha Clark and Bryan Kolybaba. Clark and Kolybaba are organizing the fundraiser on behalf of Nishimura’s wife, Iori Nishimura.

Since the disease is so new, Nishimura’s medication is not currently covered by the provincial healthcare system or PharmaCare. The medication he needs is important to his recovery and comfort, said the organizers, and will cost up to $40,000 a year.

Those interested in supporting the GoFundMe can visit the fundraising site here.

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