Avalanche shoot in Rogers Pass from 1960. (Revelstoke Museum & Archives photo 2641)

Avalanche shoot in Rogers Pass from 1960. (Revelstoke Museum & Archives photo 2641)

Glimpses of Revelstoke’s past for Jan. 23

120 years ago: Revelstoke Herald, Jan. 20, 1900

Mr. Fayette Buker opened the Surprise Steam Laundry. The laundry equipment included a steam burnisher, which put a gloss on shirts, collars, and cuffs. Mr. Buker was hoping to purchase and second and larger washing machine and the fitting up of a larger drying room.

110 years ago: Mail-Herald, Jan. 22, 1910

The ice harvest was taking place on the Columbia River at the Big Eddy to supply local hotels and private homes. The ice was of excellent quality, being clear and nearly two feet thick.

100 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Jan. 22, 1920

The annual election for City Council was held, with Walter Bews winning the mayoral race over W. Connolly. The usual way for people to learn who had won was to go to the newspaper office, but due to the bad condition of the sidewalks, it was arranged that the electrical department would flash the lights once if Connolly won, and twice if Bews won. The lights flashed twice. The aldermen elected were A.N. McIntyre, E.A. Dixon, Angus McLean, O.W. Abrahamson, S. Needham, and W.J. Tomlinson.

90 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Jan. 22, 1930

Lumber activity was taking place at the Mount Cartier settlement south of Revelstoke. Bill Hewko and Nick Rohman had cut 600,000 feet of white pine. The sawmill of J. McCormick was preparing to cut 200,000 feet of white pine, and to put through 100,000 feet of fir logs. Rohman and McCormick had also cut 14,000 railway ties, and 26 carloads of cedar poles were awaiting loading at the Mount Cartier spur.

80 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Jan. 25, 1940

Local ski-jumpers Arthur Johnson, Earle Pletsch, and Hans Gunnarsen were leaving for Leavenworth, Washington to participate in a tournament there. The three men were rated amongst B.C.’s top skiers in the tournament.

70 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Jan. 26, 1950

A severe cold spell hit Revelstoke causing the coldest recorded day in the winter for that year at -28 degrees Celsius although it was recorded at -40 degrees Celsius in some areas. This was followed by heavy snowfall moving into a full-blown blizzard the next day. Revelstoke schools were closed all day do to it being difficult to bring children from the country into school.

60 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Jan. 21, 1960

Although the Trans-Canada Highway through Rogers Pass was two years away from completion, the Canadian Army was in its third year of providing avalanche control through the route. For the first time, they would be using a 75 mm Howitzer and a 105 mm Howitzer, in place of the mortar guns which had been used previously. The No. 2 Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, Winnipeg, was on location at Rogers Pass and planning for gun placements.

40 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Jan. 23, 1980

Ice Folly, an all Canadian skating company visited Revelstoke. Ice Folly is a musical, satirical free-for-all in three action packed periods. Ice Follies uses acrobatics, music, skating and humour and brought a great family friendly show to Revelstoke’s skating rink.

30 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Jan. 24, 1990

Independent truckers recently blocked the highways going through Revelstoke in protest of a logging company known as Westar taking log hauling jobs away from independent truckers. The truckers urged for government intervention to settle this dispute or give answers.

20 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Jan.26, 2000

Revelstoke held its annual Snow Fest on the weekend. There were many activities for children, like a bubble gum blowing competition, and interactive band, as well as a limbo dance and a time trip through musical hits throughout the decade. Last year’s snow fest saw as many as 600 people so it was expected to be a big event.



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