Dining room of McGregor's Motor Inn, currently Grizz Hotel on Third Street West, 1962. (Estelle Dickey photograph, Revelstoke Museum & Archives 8908.)

Glimpses of Revelstoke’s past for Sept. 29

Local history as told by the newspaper of the day

Revelstoke Museum and Archives


130 years ago: The Kootenay Star, October 1, 1892

Guy Barber attempted to pull a fast one over David Morgan. Morgan and Harry Bourne had been hunting at Clanwilliam and caught eight ducks. As a prank, Barber sneakily took one of Morgan’s ducks leaving behind the head. The next day he said he had caught the duck himself, and shot the head clean off. Morgan recognized the duck and exposed Guy Barber’s ruse.

120 years ago: Revelstoke Herald, October 2, 1902

Horace Manning took over Mrs. Lauder’s general store on Mackenzie Avenue. He was setting it up to also serve as the headquarters for Singer sewing machines selling all general supplies to be used with the sewing machines.

110 years ago: The Mail-Herald, September 28, 1912

City council agreed to put up street signs. The Retail Association of Revelstoke at the time requested that street names should have signage and additionally they proposed address numbers should be put on houses and businesses. It was just the street signage that was pushed forward. As for the numbers, it was still unclear if streets would adopt East and West end addresses or not.

100 years ago: Revelstoke Review, September 27, 1922

It was announced that city boundaries would be redefined in cases where they were previously unclear. At these locations, the municipality had been operating on a case-by-case process. No changes had been made yet in order to give affected citizens a chance to consider the differences of municipal versus provincial taxes and benefits.

90 years ago: The Revelstoke Review, September 30, 1932

Revelstoke began its first Girl Guide pack. The first meeting was held and attended by twelve girls. The committee hoped that the community would support the very excited new Girl Guides and hopefully see more new faces moving forward.

80 years ago: The Revelstoke Review, October 1, 1942

Revelstoke Co-op reached over $1 million in sales over its twenty-one years of operation in Revelstoke. The business had paid nearly 20 thousand back to consumers over those twenty one years. Beginning with only a 4 thousand dollar capital, it was an exciting milestone for the business to reach such a financial goal. In today’s currency, $1 million is worth over $18 million, $20 thousand is worth over $260,000, and $4 is worth over $72 thousand.

70 years ago: The Revelstoke Review, October 2, 1952

Local man Jim McCormick was promoted to a position in North Bend. His promotion came as a blow to local sports as he was an integral character. He was a coach, team manager, and often an organizer. The Revelstoke Basketball Association held a gathering to express their regret to lose Jim McCormick. His influence brought the association from 12 members to 130 members.

60 years ago: The Revelstoke Review, September 27, 1962

Coffee and pastries were served to celebrate the opening of McGregor’s Dining Room and Coffee Shop. The dining room sat 50 people and was decorated with wall to wall carpeting. The pleasant space received a lot of praise and well wishes.

50 years ago: The Revelstoke Review, September 27, 1972

Mica Dam reached its full height of 800 feet above bedrock. The dam was virtually finished after four construction seasons. Work to ensure that the dam would operate properly continued as workers prepared for the reservoir to fill in the following spring.

40 years ago: The Review September 29, 1982

The block which now houses Mt. Begbie Manor was rezoned as a residential block in order to begin construction on the senior’s centre. The construction was set to commence quickly and be finished by the next year.

30 years ago: Revelstoke Times Review, October 2, 1992

Despite a six percent decrease in population, the Revelstoke Library as well as all Okanagan Regional branches saw an increase in business. The amount of people borrowing books increased thirty-one percent and called for a potential increase in budget for the library.

20 years ago: Revelstoke Times Review, October 2, 2002

Adam Christie responded to three bear related calls in one day. One call was about a black bear and her two cubs that were treed in South Revelstoke. After waiting, the bear got her courage up and led her two cubs back to the bush.

Compiled by Rachael Lewis, collections manager, Revelstoke Museum and Archives.