CPR Engine 8000 in 1931. Photo by C.R. Macdonald. 
(Revelstoke Museum and Archives photo 6842)

CPR Engine 8000 in 1931. Photo by C.R. Macdonald. (Revelstoke Museum and Archives photo 6842)

Glimpses of Revelstoke’s past from April 29

Local history as recorded by the newspaper of the day

Items from Revelstoke newspapers, as gleaned and edited by Cathy English, curator of Revelstoke Museum & Archives.

120 years ago: Revelstoke Herald, May 1, 1901

Revelstoke Navigation Co. was formed by local businessmen, and they were selling shares in the new company. The company planned to build a steamboat that would primarily operate between Revelstoke and LaPorte, near Downie Creek in the Big Bend. The SS Revelstoke was launched in 1902.

110 years ago: Mail-Herald, April 29, 1911

The annual trek of people who are homeless to and from Calgary and the coast commenced in earnest. No less than 18 men were rounded up by police and placed in the jail. The men were “riding the rails” and had all gathered on the outskirts of the city to rest. They were all ordered to leave the city.

100 years ago: Revelstoke Review, April 28, 1921

Horace Manning, candy manufacturer, had great success with his local brand of chocolates, with orders being filled recently to Vernon, Nelson, Vancouver and other points.

90 years ago: Revelstoke Review, May 1, 1931

A CPR representative announced that about 400 men would be employed all summer changing the steel on the Mountain Section of the Revelstoke Division from 110 lb to 130 lb in anticipation of the introduction of the new 8000 series locomotives, which were referred to as powerful traction monsters. The first of the new engines was placed on exhibition at Windsor Station, Montreal.

80 years ago: Revelstoke Review, May 1, 1941

A section of the old Molsons Bank was turned over for use by the 1941 Victory Loan Campaign, which was to begin across Canada on June 1. All of the furniture was donated, and all of the campaigners would be working as volunteers.

70 years ago: Revelstoke Review, April 26, 1951

Brigadier Arnold McCarter, who grew up in Revelstoke, was named assistant to the Civil Defence Board of B.C. McCarter was a graduate of Royal Military College and was seriously wounded in World War I. He served as a Brigadier General of the Canadian Corps in Italy during World War II.

60 years ago: Revelstoke Review, April 27, 1961

Banff was selected by the Canadian Olympic Association as the best site for the 1968 Winter Olympics if Canada was chosen as the host by the International Olympic Committee. Revelstoke also made a bid to be the Canadian site, and had estimated that it would have cost $15 million to develop facilities here. The 1968 Winter Olympics were held in Grenoble, France.

50 years ago: Revelstoke Review, April 29, 1971

For a third year in a row, the Revelstoke Mountaineers team captured the B.C. High School Boys’ Volleyball championships at the competition in Williams Lake. Coach John Campbell led the team to their victory.

40 years ago: Revelstoke Review, April 29, 1981

City council approved construction of a new Fire Hall. Construction costs were set at $920,000 and architect costs at $80,000.

30 years ago: Revelstoke Review, May 1, 1991

City officials returned from Colorado where they attended seminars on resort development and toured seven ski resorts. City Administrator commented on a visit to Beaver Creek resort near Vale, and said that it was very big and exclusive. “Only the filthy rich can live there,” he said, stating that he did not want this to happen in Revelstoke.

20 years ago: Revelstoke Time Review, May 2, 2001

Reporter Gregg Chamberlain interviewed actor Malcolm McDowell, who was starring in the film, “The Barber” being filmed in Revelstoke. McDowell said that this was the first time he had filmed in a small town, and said that it was “one of the most pleasurable experiences I remember in over a hundred movies.”



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