Illy the Eagle flies away

Injured eagle that was captured near Revelstoke flies out of cage at rehabilitation centre in Kamloops.

Illy the Eagle

Illy the Eagle

An injured eagle that was rescued in Revelstoke has flown the coop.

Illy the Eagle was captured by several locals and the RCMP on Dec. 16 when it was found with a broken wing near the Illecillewaet Greenbelt. It was taken to the Fawcett Wildlife Health Centre in Kamloops, where it was cared for since.

She was expected to stay there until the spring, but on Wednesday, Feb. 8, Illy escaped froom her cage while she was being fed by wildlife centre staff.

RCMP say the staff was trying to feed here when she overpowered them and took off through the open cage door.

She was last seen flying high, heading east from Kamloops.

“A big thanks goes out to the staff at the Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Centre for nursing Illy back to health,” wrote Staff-Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky in a news release. “Clearly she was ready to go, and given the opportunity, she made an unscheduled getaway!”