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Kelowna man’s clean face raises money for renal ward at hospital

Nori Wentworth raised more than $6,000 for the renal ward

Bye, bye beardie!

Nori Wentworth says he’s feeling a little naked now that the 18-month-old beard is gone.

“I feel very young and a little bit cooler actually.”

Wentworth fundraised for the renal ward at Kelowna General Hospital as a thank-you for the support staff provided while his wife was in treatment and awaiting a new kidney.

The goal was to raise over $5,000 and the entire beard would come off.

“Before I hopped up on stage we were at $6,600 between the GoFundMe and cash donations.”

Wentworth took a seat on stage at Barn Owl Brewing on Sunday shortly before 5 p.m. where a Tommy Gun’s barber made the beard disappear.

Wentworth says Barn Owl also fundraised through a raffle.

“I was born and raised here and I’ve always known that Kelowna is very [community oriented]… When push comes to shove people always come together here.”

As for his wife Kristyn, she says the shave is bitter-sweet.

“It’s weird to see that clean of a shaven face,” Kristyn said, followed by, “You look so weird, Nori.”

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