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Photo: S-T-E-L-L-A-R S-P-E-L-L-E-R-S

Revelstoke School District spelling bee goes to extra rounds before declaring a tie
The competitors in the school district spelling bee. Front row

Contributed by Eleanor Wilson

A dozen of the top spellers from the elementary schools of Revelstoke competed at the annual School District 19 Spelling Bee on Monday, March 7, at Begbie View Elementary.

The bee began for all 12 spellers with words such as “tantrum,” "bogus” and “boomerang” and progressed through increasingly difficult words such as “magician”, “epicurean” and “obstreperous.”

An hour later, through the process of elimination, the contest was down to two competitors — Sara Supinen and Kalyn Gale. They had succeeded through 43 rounds and had exhausted the prescribed list of words. Bee organizers had to use the supplemental list that had words such as “fiefdom,” “transcutaneous” and “lycanthrope.”

In the end, Sara and Kalyn were declared tied. Congratulations to all the stellar spellers at the spelling bee – you all made your schools proud.