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PHOTOS: Trashion icons in Revelstoke

A crowd gathered to watch the trashion models strut along Mackenzie Ave.

Residents lined the sidewalk, packed staircase of City Hall, and stood shoulder to shoulder for Revelstoke’s fifth annual ‘Trashion Show,’ hosted by Birch and Lace.

The show was a success, drawing a large crowd and displaying stunning creations from local creators young and old. From wine corks to yoghurt wrappers, the designers took inspiration and material from far and wide. Shoestring Necktie got the day started with a live performance that had the attendees literally dancing in the street.

The toughest task of the day was saved for the judges tasked with deciding the winners of the show. After careful deliberation, the three judges made their decisions.

Third place went to Jo and Lillian Gawler. Their dresses were made from wrappers collected over the past month. The dresses are also comprised of orange bags, bubble wrap, old broken toys, and cardboard from snack boxes.

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Second place was awarded to Phyliss Lang’s design, modeled by Ayla Rose. Lang’s design was inspired by 1970s fashion. The fringe top was made with cut up Buble cans fastened to a garbage bag. The notorious…most groovy…bell bottoms were made using recycled frozen fruit bags. More recycled Buble cans were used to create the belt that capped off the outfit.

First place was awarded to Jessica Duerks, worn by models, Keefer and Ryder. Duerks’ incredible work culminated in a matching bride and groom set that were individually constructed. For the groom’s outfit, Duerks made use of a year’s worth of coffee filters, old paint, and plastic from an old mattress liner to create a suit with a mad-hatter style top hat. Using roughly 800 recycled wine corks from the Regent’s 2020 New Year’s Eve party, Duerks fashioned a dress from an old sheet.

This year’s Trashion Show was a great reminder of how much can be done with the waste we create, and an inspiring reminder on Earth Day. With some creativity, even a coffee filter can have a second life.

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