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Remembrance Day: ‘Let us never forget’

Remembrance Day Message from MLA Clovechok
MLA Doug Clovechok offers his thoughts on Remembrance Day. (Victoria Tronina/Unsplash photo)

Doug Clovechok

Member of the Legislative Assembly

Columbia River-Revelstoke

Let us never forget, powerful words but why? We will always remember, honour, and thank all of the women and men who answered a call of duty that put them in harm’s way in lands far away from our shores so that each of us might enjoy peace, freedom and democracy.

November 11 is a somber yet proud day when we stand together across this great country to pay tribute to the names of those etched in stone cenotaphs who gave their lives in the service of this and this incredible province.

They were sons and daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles and friends who did not seek conflict but rose quickly when asked to defend our values and our ideals.

As Canadians and British Columbians, we are so very grateful for this very special place we all call home; a home that values freedom on so many levels, where differences are settled with ballots and not bullets, and where tolerance binds us together and fear does not tear us apart.

So on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, I ask that we all join our hearts in remembrance of those who gave all they had and everything that they would ever have had so that we could be free.

Let us not disappoint them as they “hover as a cloud of witnesses above this Nation,” a quote from Henry Ward Beecher.


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