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Revelstoke Snowmobile Club gets new mural

The mural was made possible with funding from Tourism Revelstoke
Revelstoke Snowmobile Club’s latest mural was painted by Ingrid Van Opstal. (Revelstoke Snowmobile Club/Facebook)

The sea cans at the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club are getting a facelift, starting last week with the first of a series of murals that will be painted on the sides of the storage units.

With funding from Tourism Revelstoke, the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club (RSC) will be sprucing up its sea cans with fresh paint and unique murals. The first mural was painted last week and is visible from the Jordan Mainline Rd., which accesses the snowmobile trails.

The first mural was painted by Ingrid Van Opstal, who came to Revelstoke from Saskatchewan to paint it.

Van Opstal joked that she had trouble deciding on a brand to paint on the snowmobile, not wanting to upset the sledders with strong brand loyalty. In the end, Van Opstal opted for an unspecified one, allowing all the sledders using the trails to enjoy the mural.

The painting depicts a sledder enjoying the iconic Revelstoke snow, with a rendition of the downtown landscape in the foreground. Amber Lane, operations coordinator at the RSC, said the image is meant to be reminiscent of a time when snowmobilers would ride into town on their sleds. The mural is meant to help reconnect sledders in Revelstoke with the downtown core — even if it means not riding their sleds into town.

The painting is just the first in what the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club hopes will be a series of installations on the sides of its sea cans. The club has an additional five more murals that it plans on commissioning.

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