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Revelstoke Women’s Shelter commemorates Prevention of Violence Against Women week

Prevention of Violence Against Women week is taking place April 10-16

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Every year in April the Revelstoke Women’s Shelter commemorates the Prevention of Violence Against Women week. This year, it’s taking place April 10-16.

Prevention is the act of stopping something from happening or arising.

At the Revelstoke Women’s Shelter Society, we believe prevention is the most humane, effective, and economically viable method in addressing violence against women.

Prevention week falls in the 21st Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) which “was founded by the National Sexual Violence Resource Centre in the US to educate, call for political and legal reform, and to end sexual violence against women” states the Battered Women’s Support Services.

The Revelstoke RCMP statistics show that in 2021 there were 12 investigated reports of violence in relationship and 7 investigated reports of sexual assault here in Revelstoke.

As a community we have the opportunity to deliver upstream programs that offer education and awareness around healthy relationships, abuse, consent, emotional literacy and more, all decreasing the likelihood that people engage in violence against women and violence in relationships.

Such programs are referred to as upstream because they seek to prevent people from falling into a stream and eventually a river where they find it difficult to escape.

Investing in prevention protects possible future victims, abusers, and their surrounding support systems including friends, family, and our community, from the socioeconomic costs of violence against women.

During this week we consider the increased vulnerability to violence for marginalized groups of women and girls in our society such as BIPOC women, LGBTQQIP2SAA women, women with disabilities and elderly women.

The Canadian Women’s Foundation states that “the rate of sexual assault against Indigenous women is approximately three times higher than among non-indigenous women…(and) the rate of sexual assault against people with disabilities is about two times higher than those with no disabilities”.

“During Prevention of Violence Against Women Week we engage our on and offline communities in violence prevention by remembering we all have a role to play in preventing violence against girls and women as individuals, in our relationships, in our community, and in society” shared by the Battered Women’s Support Services.

This year, the Revelstoke Women’s Shelter will engage in various events and activities to raise awareness and provide opportunities for education and connection through our Moving Forward Program.

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Please see the schedule below and check our Moving Forward Facebook page daily for information and education related to our daily events/ activities:

• Sunday, April 10: Awareness and Education: Violence has no age limit: Elder Abuse, please visit our social media pages.

• Monday, April 11: Connection: Meditation via zoom 5-5:30 p.m., see Moving Forward Facebook page for zoom link. For women and their children.

• Tuesday, April 12: Education and Connection: Finding Balance through Yoga with Danielle Chanelle@ the Community Center and zoom email us to attend on zoom, from 4:30-5:30 p.m. For women and their children.

• Wednesday, April 13: Awareness and Education: Raising Awareness with Youth @ Revelstoke Secondary School Fair during lunch and Naloxone Training for Revelstoke Women’s Shelter Staff.

• Friday, April 15: Connection and Education: Art Therapy with Marina from 7:30- 8:30 p.m., via zoom, email us to attend. For women and their children. There are only six spots so please contact us asap!

• Saturday, April 16: Connection: Wall Hanging Workshop @ the United Church from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Please RSVP via email! For women and their children.

For more information, email movingforward@telus.net or call 250-814-8387.

Revelstoke Women’s Shelter Office: 250-837-4382

Crisis Line: 250-837-1111

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