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Syrian refugee living in Revelstoke is striving for a better life for her children

Amal Alsowwan and her family escaped from Syria seven years ago
Amal Alsowwan lived has lived in Revelstoke for just over a year. She and her family escaped from Syria, then lived in Jordan for six years waiting to come to Canada. (Jocelyn Doll - Revelstoke Review)

When living in Syria, Amal Alsowwan worked in a kindergarten.

Now, one year after moving to Canada and around seven years after leaving Syria, Alsowwan is once again working with children, at a daycare in Revelstoke.

“I love children,” she said with a smile.

Alsowwan and her family came to Canada to live in peace, she said, through Google translate on her phone.

Still, she acknowledges it was difficult to leave Syria behind.

“We didn’t really have a choice,” she said.

“I wanted a future for my children.”

Life was difficult for the family during the war, she said, visibly emotional and contemplative.

“I have died more than several times.”

From Syria, the family escaped to Jordan, where Alsowwan said she didn’t work.

There was no future for them there. She called it “life without life.”

It was for the sake of her children she remained hopeful.

Though it is extremely different for the family here in Revelstoke, Alsowwan said they intend to stay.

Not only is it peaceful and welcoming, Alsowwan said as long as her children are fine, she is fine.

A bigger centre does not appeal to her, she said. She won’t find friends like she has here.

Though her past is a misfortune she must bear, Alsowwan stays strong for her children.

She hopes they will become a doctor and a lawyer.



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