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Turn your key, be idle free: Revelstoke students building a greener community

Revelstoke Secondary School’s Environmental Action Team bring attention to the impacts of cars idling

Mimi Kramer

Environmental Action Team

Over the course of last year, Revelstoke Secondary School’s Environmental Action Team had an objective for a greener school and workplace environment. After the Environmental Action Team noticed the number of vehicles that idled at the schools during pick up and drop off times, the members felt that something had to be done.

The Environmental Action Team is a group of youth driven by their passion for the environment and are committed to creating greener spaces, not only for the students at Revelstoke Secondary School, but for all community members.

Since September, 2021, the Environmental Action Team has organized clothing swaps, an Earth Day Fair, and a successful compost system for the school’s use. Students also participated in a “No Idling: Design-A-Sign” contest that led to contest winners, Henri Rocha, Ruby Serrouya, and Maelle Skiftun design’s being put up in front of all Revelstoke schools.

Ruby Serrouya, a senior at Revelstoke Secondary School, created a way to bring attention to the impacts of cars idling. Serrouya’s “No Idling” sign was chosen by Learning for a Sustainable Future, a Canadian charity, to be posted in front of schools across Canada to remind parents and guardians to turn off their cars when waiting to pick up or drop off their kids at school.

“In order to keep our environment and the youth of Revelstoke as healthy as we can, it’s important to keep our small habits in the forefront of our minds to make an even bigger change,” says Serrouya.

This message is not only relevant to the parents dropping off their children at school, but should be recognized by all community members of Revelstoke, especially now that the winter season is in full swing. Although it’s cold and tempting to keep the warm air pumping, it is important to recognize the impact we have on the environment around us.

The Environmental Action team is here to wish you a warm winter and a happy new year and to remind you to turn your key and stay idle free.

Mimi Kramer is a Grade 12 student at Revelstoke Secondary School.

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