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Two Revelstokians climb height of Everest for online race; win silver and bronze

Rory Luxmoore (left) and Brett McPhedran climbed Kill the Banker 10 times for total of 8,943 metres
Rory Luxmoore and Brett McPhedran climbed to the height of Everest on Aug. 21 at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. (Submitted)

Two Revelstoke men recently lapped a ski run on Revelstoke Mountain Resort 10 times to virtually climb the highest mountain in the world.

The Run Everesting challenge states on their website it’s “fiendishly simple, yet brutally hard. Everesting is the most difficult climbing challenge in the world.”

“Well, it certainly was a challenge,” said Rory Luxmoore.

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Luxmoore and Brett McPhedran climbed the 3.73 km and 897 metre high run Kill the Banker 10 times on Aug. 21. The pair took the gondola down, resulting in a finishing time of approximately 13 hours, with Luxmoore finishing minutes before McPhedran.

The two climbed 8,943 metres (roughly 100 metres higher than Everest), obtaining the second and third fastest time in Canada.

Anyone can join the challenge, on any day, from around the world. The fastest recorded time for the event, so far, is just over 12 hours.

While many in-person races have been cancelled this summer due to COVID-19, multiple virtual races have sprung up.

Regardless of it being an in-person or virtual race, Luxmoore said every competition is a race against yourself.

He said long distance competitions are almost meditative.

“I enjoy the peacefulness of it. The inner quiet.”

Earlier this summer, McPhedran biked to the height of Everest on one of the steepest streets in Revelstoke - Clough Rd. near Begbie Falls.

He lapped the road 80 times in temperatures reaching 38 degrees.

McPhedran said he was drinking two litres of water every half hour.

“I was sweating so much.”

To complete a triathlon this summer, McPhedran said he might swim to the height of Everest in Williamson Lake.

“I feel like it’s something I have to do.”

The pair have future race plans, when in-person competitions resume. Luxmoore said he’d like to race the Fatdog 120 miler and McPhedran is aiming for Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

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