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Revelstoke Votes: Tony Jeglum - Council Candidate

Tony Jeglum

Tony Jeglum

Council Candidate


I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a local. I was born in Alberta; not the Coopers meat section. But that is my favourite qualifier for who is a local. I arrived in time to observe the 2018 election and the subsequent by-election. To be honest I was surprised and intrigued. I’ve been politically active for years and I couldn’t understand why so few locals (however you choose to qualify that term) ran for office in either election. I have not spent a lot of time here, but I have spent a lot of time in politics. Before moving here I spent two decades volunteering on boards, councils, and committees – often as the chairperson. I have worked for MLAs in two provinces. I have a bachelor’s degree in political science. And I have written policy for a provincial political party. I understand very well what the role of city councillor entails, and that’s how I wish to contribute.


Housing is the main reason I am running. I know there are more than a few locals that would wish the ski resort away if they could and then return to pre-resort Revelstoke. Obviously we cannot do that, but we can choose a better path forward: we can learn from other cities that have been transformed by a resort. Revelstoke is not the first place to face these challenges. The housing crisis affects so many aspects of life here. Going to the pool, or getting your teeth cleaned, or finding child care, or dining out, or getting a plumber are all impacted by how challenging it is to find housing in Revelstoke. But I refuse to concede that Revelstoke is destined to become Whistler or a Disneyland-like version of Revelstoke. All we need is passionate leadership from a majority of councillors (four, that is) that argue that housing residents should be prioritized over the interests of residential investors.


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