Begbie Falls in the winter. (Soranne Florea)

Begbie Falls in the winter. (Soranne Florea)

Hidden Gems: Hike to Begbie Falls

Soranne Floarea

Special to the Review

Often times, we think of exploration as an activity reserved for days of abundant time and boundless energy. Yet, rarely do we realize that adventure often lies no further than our own backyard. As is the case for Begbie Falls-a quaint waterfall tucked just outside of our city limits. To get there, pack your hiking boots, water, bear spray and snacks, then simply head South down Highway 23, turning left at Mt. Begbie Rd. After about 6.5 kilometers, you’ll find a parking lot on the left side of the road, with a wooden sign out front reading, “Begbie Falls Recreation Site”. To the right of the sign is a path leading into the dense woods. The falls are a quick 45 minute walk in, with the round-trip taking roughly 2 hours, depending on your pace.

The beauty of Begbie Falls lies in both its convenient closeness to town, and in it being an activity the whole family can enjoy, no matter the season. Its proximity and ease make it the perfect adventure before work, after a long day, or even if you merely need a breath of fresh air. In the summertime, the walk is lush and warm, and the falls are loud and powerful. Seeking them out in the winter offers a different experience, the loudest sounds being birds chirping in the nearby trees or the crunch of fallen snow underfoot. Not to mention the frozen falls are a sight to behold, ever-changing as the temperature dances up and down.

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As you head in, prepare to hop or duck over fallen trees. En route, you will pass signs directing to some of the many rock climbing crags in the area, as this trail is beat down by avid rock climbers in the summer. At about the halfway point, the trees open up to offer remarkable views of the valley below, and the mountains that wrap around Revelstoke. Bear in mind that the signs along the trail may not always be clear, so a good rule of thumb is to stay right at each fork, until you reach the second parking lot. There, you will find outhouses and a path on the left. Take that trail down the hill, listen for falling water, then hook right. Take caution, especially with this steep section, as portions may be slippery. When you reach the falls, you’ll find a wooden viewing platform and the reward of your toil. For those seeking an extended adventure, just past the falls and further down the trail lies Arrowhead Lake, as well as a few scenic camping spots.

Ultimately, arriving to Begbie Falls isn’t seemingly difficult or other-worldly spectacular. Rather, it is a celebration of the little joys of living in a mountain town. It’s the peace and solitude that come with a walk in the woods. It’s the deafening silence of the wilderness, and the way light sprinkles through pine needles. The accessibility of such a small yet glorious excursion is something to be awed, making Begbie Falls the perfect example of the ease of exploration available to us here in Revelstoke.



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