The Decoys bring new album to Revelstoke

Kamloops band The Decoys is in Revelstoke on Thursday, Apr. 14, to promote their new album, In Our Blood.

The Decoys will be in Revelstoke on Thursday

The Decoys will be in Revelstoke on Thursday

By Dale Bass, Kamloops This Week

Kamloops band The Decoys is pretty proud of the work put into their new CD, one they’ve hit the road to promote in a cross-Canada tour that includes a stop in Revelstoke on April 14 at The Last Drop.

Matt Stanley, one of the two core members of the band, said it was “a lot of work getting to this point but I’m glad it’s finally out there for people to hear.

“Now, we’ve just got to spread the word from town to town and see if it sticks with people,” he said.

The album, In Our Blood, represents a big step for the band formerly known as Matt Stanley and the Decoys, one that sees it working with a PR company for the first time. It’s a step that Stanley says they’re ready to tackle.

The name change is the result of a shifting band lineup through the years. It started in 2008 when Stanley recorded an EP, The Life & Times, under his own name.

Bringing on a band, it made sense to keep his name front and centre, he said, and, when Sean Poissant brought his drum kit into the band in 2010, they recorded their first album under the name.

In recent years, Stanley said, they’ve gone from a four-piece to a three-piece with various bass players joining in the studio and at live shows but with Stanley and Poissant the core.

“It felt like the right to time make it just The Decoys,” Stanley said. “It’s really a new band in a way.”

In Our Blood was released in Kamloops last month during a show at The Blue Grotto. On April 15, it will be available digitally at iTunes and Spotify.

During the tour, the band will be selling CDs and vinyl copies and, once they get home at the end of May, it will be available online at