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Two-fifths of TV episodes and films shot by women, directors’ guild says

Low-budget U.S.-based series tend to hire Canadians, high-budget shows less likely
Camera and sound crew set up for a shot for a film production in Chemainus. (Photo by Don Bodger)

A new report from the Directors Guild of Canada suggests that roughly two-fifths of feature films and episodic television shot by its members were helmed by female directors.

The findings are based on data released by the guild Friday on all productions signed by its 860 director members in 2021.

The report says women directed 40 per cent of DGC-signed feature films and 43 per cent of episodic television last year.

It says the gender gap was wider for TV movies, with only 30 per cent of projects directed by women.

The DGC’s data shows that 75 per cent of episodic work in Canada is backed by U.S.-based studios and networks.

The guild says while low-budget U.S.-based series tend to hire Canadians, only a quarter of episodes for high-budget shows tapped local talent.

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