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VIDEO: Drake’s new album drops, with B.C. music video

For All the Dogs is out now, with Another Late Night video shot in Maple Ridge
Director Cole Bennett recently confirmed on the Kids Take Over podcast that he filmed the Another Late Night music video with Drake and Lil Yachty in Maple Ridge. (Kids Take Over/Special to The News)

Drake’s new album For All the Dogs dropped today, and one of the 23 tracks has a connection to a B.C. city.

The music video for track 21, titled Another Late Night and featuring Lil Yachty, features some familiar locations, with its director revealing that the video was shot entirely in Maple Ridge.


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Rumours started swirling around online when amateur clips were posted online on Sept. 3 of what appeared to be Drake and Lil Yachty dancing around in an open parking lot area and driving in a sportscar covered in Christmas lights.

In a recent interview with the Kids Take Over podcast, director Cole Bennett confirmed that they had indeed shot the video in Maple Ridge, which he explained was for a very specific reason.

“We looked at a few locations in Vancouver, and it was a little hot with permitting and these things that go into location scouting,” said Bennett.

“The Maple Ridge location felt the most tucked away and it was surrounded by trees and it just felt the safest place to do it and like a place where the artist could feel comfortable.”

As soon as he saw the Maple Ridge spot, Bennett said it just felt right.

“The song is called Another Late Night and it’s a late-night shoot,” he said, explaining that he leaned on the chemistry of Drake and Lil Yachty to help build his vision for the music video.

In order to avoid drawing attention to the megastar rapper and attracting a crowd, Bennett embraced a spur-of-the-moment mentality with the video.

“We were doing a run-and-gun style video, we shot it in like two hours.”

The Another Late Night music video was released on Oct. 6 to coincide with the release of Drake’s new album.

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The News reached out to Universal Music Group and Cole Bennett, but they were unable to respond by press deadline.

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