UPDATE: Six candidates running to be MP for the Kootenay-Columbia riding

UPDATE: Six candidates running to be MP for the Kootenay-Columbia riding

The federal election is coming up Oct. 21

The Federal Election is coming up Oct. 21 and there are seven candidates who have announced their intention to run to be Member of Parliament for the Kootenay-Columbia riding.

On Sept. 24 the Revelstoke Review invited the candidates to discuss local issues in a debate.

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Abra Brynne of the Green Party

According to the Green Party’s website, Brynne is a nationally respected agriculture and food systems consultant with twenty-eight years of direct involvement in the sector. While her focus is on the communities and food systems of the Kootenays, where she has lived for twenty-nine years, she works with organizations and communities across Canada as a volunteer, a mentor, and on contract.

Read her full bio at greenparty.ca/en/riding/2013-59015

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Robin Goldsbury of the Liberal Party

According to the Goldsbury’s website, her ultimate allegiance is to a sustainable, vital Kootenay-Columbia. Her values are rooted in fairness, integrity, foresight, collaboration, rational thinking, inclusion and hard work. Her broad Kootenay experience, multitasking nature, strong people skills and positive, energetic approach, make Robin the best candidate for MP in Kootenay-Columbia.

Read her full bio at robingoldsbury.ca/about-robin.html

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Trev Miller of the Animal Protection Party

According to the Animal Protection Party website Miller is a founder of the Cranbrook Friends of Animals Society and a passionate advocate for animals, people, and the environment. He has training and experience as a journalist, and in 2011 he graduated with an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Alberta. He’s a manager in a large customer service establishment.

Read his full bio at animalprotectionparty.ca/election-2019

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Rob Morrison of the Conservative Party

Morrison’s bio on the Conservative Party website says he has lived and worked in the Kootenay-Columbia region for the past 40 years. His father served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, which gave him wide-ranging exposure of the Canadian landscape at an early age; fostering a decision that expanded into a 35-year career serving his country as a Public Servant. Rob is a devoted husband with five children and an active community member with a passion for sustainable living and environmental awareness. His desire to serve coincides with his love for people, community, nature, wildlife and his ability to make a difference.

See the full bio at kcceda.ca/about_robert_morrison

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Wayne Stetski of the NDP

On the NDP website Stetski’s bio says “Elected in 2015 to represent Kootenay – Columbia riding, Wayne has served the public for most of his life. Before coming to Ottawa, Wayne was an active community volunteer, Mayor of Cranbrook and Regional Manager for BC Ministry of Environment. He and his wife Audrey and family have lived in the Kootenays for 29 years.”

See the full bio at waynestetski2019.ndp.ca

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Rick Stewart of the People’s Party

According to the bio on Stewart’s website he is is a former forester, environmental consultant, and veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. Rick has lived and worked in the Kootenays since 1972 and resides in Nelson.

See the full bio at kootenaycolumbiappc.ca/ricks-bio

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To register to vote go to elections.ca

Election day is Oct. 21.



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