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Looking for a new home? Here’s a suggestion to get Stoked about!

New Revelstoke development is at the forefront of modern home building and design
“We really wanted this development to embrace the Revelstoke lifestyle and work hand in hand with the natural beauty around it.” - Jenny Currie, from Paradigm Building Solutions.

A new Revelstoke development is making waves for all the right reasons!

Stokedliving is a unique residential development that offers something truly groundbreaking: state-of-the-art building technology that’s been popular with our European neighbours for years but is just starting to gain popularity here in North America.

The Paradigm Building Solutions’ project exclusively uses a new building product and process called Paradigm Panels. At first glance they may seem similar to modular or pop-up homes, but these pre-made walls are in a class all their own. Energy-efficient, B.C.-made and built in a controlled environment that keeps moisture out, they create a healthy, stable indoor climate for you and your family to enjoy.

Paradigm Panels:

Stokedliving utilises Paradigm’s closed wall panel system, an intricate and meticulous pre-built wall system that’s redesigning how modern homes are built, says Jenny Currie, from Paradigm Building Solutions.

Paradigm’s closed wall system is made in a controlled factory environment and uses a multi-layered system that exceeds the requirements for Energy Step Code 5, which as of 2032 will be the standard Energy Step Code in B.C. for all new builds (the majority of homes currently being built in BC are only at Step Code 3).

The walls are insulated with dense-pack cellulose, adding additional quality control that can’t be achieved when insulating onsite. The cellulose is a recycled product, one of many features that help reduce the overall carbon footprint of Paradigm Panels. The end result is a wall that’s breathable, mould-free and provides a clean, controlled indoor environment that will keep you cool in the summer and comfortably warm all winter long.

Take a peek inside the Paradigm Factory, to see for yourself how the groundbreaking Paradigm Panels are made:

Stokedliving Development:

While Paradigm Panels are certainly what sets the Stokedliving homes apart from other new residential developments in the Revelstoke area, the homes themselves are beautifully designed with the natural environment in mind.

The four duplexes have already sold but it’s not too late to get your hands on these state-of-the-art houses. Paradigm Building Solutions still has a few single-family homes available and is excited to announce five beautiful townhomes will be coming to market this spring – three-bedroom, 2.5-bathrooms townhomes designed to co-exist with the surrounding natural landscape.

Stokedliving is only a short drive to the mountain and all of downtown Revelstoke, providing convenient access to a growing mountain community but just far enough away that you can still enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest.

“We really wanted this development to embrace the Revelstoke lifestyle and work hand in hand with the natural beauty around it. We feel that residents who are lucky enough to call Revelstoke home year round would want to enjoy the natural beauty they are surrounded by,” Currie says.

Learn more about Stokedliving at You can also follow Stokedliving on Facebook and Instagram and find Paradigm Panels at