Pulse Cardiac Health’s Shawna Cook, clinical exercise physiologist, and Cameron Towle, registered cardiac nurse, can help you improve your health … from home!

Pulse Cardiac Health’s Shawna Cook, clinical exercise physiologist, and Cameron Towle, registered cardiac nurse, can help you improve your health … from home!

Looking for a way to exercise safely at home? Look no further!

This cardiac health team can bring healthy nutrition and fitness right to your home – safely!

Pulse Cardiac Health is an online Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation clinic with programming delivered by qualified health professionals. Whether you have cardiovascular disease or are simply looking to stay healthy – they are here to support you!

Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle can sometimes be easier said than done – this rings especially true during a pandemic.

With the combination of COVID and winter blowing in, many are looking to avoid public facilities and find safe exercise alternatives to stay healthy this season.

It’s with this in mind that Pulse Cardiac Health has introduced a great way to improve your health from home!

Offerings include free, month-long access to their fun Group Zoom exercise sessions – follow along from home and establish an exercise routine! These group classes are designed for those who are 55+ and offer a great way to connect with others and stay active.

If you prefer to have the convenience of exercising at any time, sign up for a membership and receive access to their entire library of exercise classes. There are a wide variety of classes including cardio, balance, strength, yoga and more. Classes are designed to accommodate all fitness levels, including chair classes for those who might need a little extra support as well as advanced classes for those seeking to challenge themselves. All classes are delivered and designed by Cardiac Health Professionals and are safe for those who are recovering from cardiovascular disease.

What does the membership include?

Your membership includes access to the entire Pulse Cardiac Health library of heart health education sessions, and all their exercise class sessions. The program boasts qualified and experienced health professionals who truly care about their members. In addition to performing monthly check-ins, they’re available to answer any health questions or concerns and provide any support needed. Best of all, it costs just $27 a month.

Why does it matter?

Right now, our health is more important than ever – we can’t afford to let our active lifestyle take a back seat! For those with heart conditions, exercise can boost your immune system and support its ability to fight off infections like COVID. Staying healthy also helps prevent the risk of cardiovascular events and can improve recovery time.

And don’t forget the added benefit of exercise being a great stress reliever – definitely needed these days!

How to get involved:

All are welcome and encouraged to join. The Pulse Cardiac Health team wants to support as many people as possible in their efforts to stay healthy and be active while safe at home.

Visit www.pulsecardiachealth.com/accesspass to sign up for access pass membership or email hello@pulsecardiachealth.com to register for their Free Month of Group Zoom Classes.

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