Cardiac Surgery in Germany

Cardiovascular surgery in Germany is recognized as one of the best in the world. German cardiac surgery centers have tremendous experience in all possible adult and pediatric surgeries. The high professional standards of German surgeons attract patients from all over the world. One of the significant advantages of medicine in Germany is accurate diagnostics, which allows selecting a comprehensive treatment regimen and conducting it without delay.

Why choose Germany for cardiac surgery?

Cardiology and cardiac surgery centers do not lag behind the general development of German medicine. Here, the professionalism and experience of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are combined with the novelty of developments, the use of modern medications and high-quality equipment for diagnosis and treatment. One can state that cardiology and cardiac surgery are highly demanded medical disciplines in Germany and definitely one of the most popular ones.

Specialized German clinics use the most high-tech equipment and diagnostic methods. Another advantage of German cardiac surgery is the wide use of minimally traumatic techniques that allow avoiding blood loss, complications, and a lengthy rehabilitation.

Treatment in the best cardiac surgery clinics in Germany is result-oriented. This includes both surgery and effective rehabilitation. There are many German hospitals to choose from, and in each of them, high-class specialists solve various cardiological problems.

Minimally invasive approach to heart surgery

German heart surgery uses sparing cardiovascular techniques. For example, endovascular surgeries on the working heart are successfully performed to correct cardiac septa and valves. Constantly improving the existing treatment methods and developing and introducing new ones, cardiac surgeons in Germany ensure optimal treatment results with minimal invasiveness.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgeries are often performed on a one-day hospital basis. Such procedures do not require long bed rest, are not accompanied by severe pain syndrome, and are well tolerated by patients. In cases where this is not possible, doctors resort to the traditional methods of heart surgery.

An experienced doctor will decide which treatment option to choose. Much will depend on the diagnosis, the disease severity, the location of the defect and other clinical factors. However, many universal techniques are actively used for various forms of heart disease and its manifestations, including:

  • Angioplasty
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)
  • Heart valve replacement and reconstruction
  • Surgical treatment of heart rhythm disorders (radiofrequency ablation)
  • Pacemaker implantation for heart rhythm disorders
  • Thoracic and abdominal aortic replacement
  • Surgery for congenital and acquired heart disorders in adults and children
  • Heart transplantation

You can find more information about cardiac surgery in Germany on the Booking Health website.

Prices for heart surgery in Germany

The prices for all heart surgeries in Germany are regulated by law. And there is no difference whether the patient visits a private clinic or is treated at a state healthcare institution.

However, there is no definitive answer to how much heart surgery costs in Germany. Managers of Booking Health are ready to provide patients with approximate cost estimates. Still, the exact amount can be known only after the specialists of the selected clinic become acquainted with all the peculiarities of the patient’s clinical case.

To calculate the price of heart surgery in Germany for your clinical case, leave a request on the Booking Health website.

How to organize surgery in Germany?

The best way to organize cardiac surgery in Germany is to use the services of a specialized company – Booking Health.

Booking Health provides the entire organization of heart treatment in Germany and solutions to related problems, such as translation of documents, communication with the clinic, obtaining a visa to Germany, tickets, transfers, assistance in renting accommodation in Germany during treatment, and much more.

Booking Health also helps find a clinic for cardiac surgery, as it is challenging to do independently without knowing the specifics. The company does everything to make your treatment in Germany as comfortable as possible. Feel free to contact Booking Health through the request form if you have any questions.

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