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126 warnings issued in 1 hour during Kelowna RCMP cone zone safety stops

Kelowna RCMP and BCAA estimate stopping one vehicle every 45 seconds

Slow down, move over.

It sounds easy, but so few people do it that Kelowna RCMP stopped a vehicle approximately every 45 seconds for a driving infraction while out with BCAA for the Slow Down, Move Over campaign.

When roadside workers are present, drivers should slow down to 70 km per hour where the posted speed limit is 80 km per hour or more and down to 40 km per hour in any area with a posted speed limit under 80km per hour.

Drivers should also move into another lane when passing workers to allow them space to work safely.

Failing to comply with road rules in cone zones could result in a $173 fine and three points.

For the one hour that RCMP and BCAA were out on Highway 97 North at the second pull-out by Ellison Lake a total of 126 warning letters were handed out.

One driver got more than a warning after being caught driving 143 km per hour in a 90 km zone, along Highway 97.The young man had to call for a ride while a tow truck loaded up the vehicle to be impounded for seven days.

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