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Anderson in the race for Vernon mayor

Current councillor will face incumbent Victor Cumming in election

Two-term city councillor Scott Anderson is hoping to switch seats and claim the mayor’s seat in the Oct. 15 election.

“Many people over time have asked me to take on the job of a leadership role with the city,” said Anderson. “And over time it’s become clear to me that only with real leadership, direction and drive, can Vernon fulfill its true potential as the pride of the Okanagan.”

Anderson believes council has reached several excellent goals, including but not limited to the continuation of a 10-year infrastructure replacement plan, new housing developments, a new industrial development, and plans for a much-needed Activity Centre.

“I generally like the direction council is going in,” said Anderson. “but these things are really just flow-through issues that were developed by council last term and will still be in the system next term,” Anderson said. “It’s not what we’re doing that worries me. What concerns me is what we’re not doing because of a lack of leadership and direction.”

Anderson points out that within a weak mayoral system in which the mayor has nominal power and is merely one of seven votes, the role of mayor is whatever the recipient makes of it.

“Mayors can get elected, join all the committees, and do nothing other than watch the flow of multi-term business drift by, perhaps throwing a little extra weight behind this or that project. There’s nothing wrong with that practice as long as they don’t impede the flow of business with trivial diversions, but to me that’s a bare minimum and not the work of an effective mayor.”

Anderson’s leadership experience includes a former Captaincy in the Canadian Armed Forces. He is former Leader of the Conservative Party of BC and current owner of a local company.

Anderson believes the current council is extremely capable and although there has always been a healthy diversity of views, they have been resolved in a collegial manner.

“The current councillors are individuals of substance and integrity, and I would be honoured to continue working with each one of them, as well as with anyone new.”

Anderson intends to focus on public safety and security, housing, the environment, enhanced community engagement, and attracting family doctors. But he also wants to use the role of

mayor to address issues that continue to stand in the way of Vernon reaching its potential.

“If I’m elected, I’ll not be satisfied with watching the council agendas drift by,” said Anderson. “I’ll tackle the hard issues no one else wants to go near and work with my colleagues to make real progress happen.

“Vernon is a jewel in the North Okanagan,” said Anderson. “With real leadership we can all work toward building a city that’s the envy of British Columbia and a shining example of civic excellence.”

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