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Brief: Revelstoke City Council reconsider zoning bylaw near resort

City Council examined a bylaw that restricted density on areas of resort lands

In one of the last meeting of the existing Revelstoke City Council, councillors examined what became a controversial change in a bylaw that could affect how Revelstoke Mountain Resort proceeds with their next phase of development.

The amendment to bylaw 2346 was requested by the resort to account for a change to comprehensive development zone eight, which is land that Revelstoke Mountain Resort owns (RMR). The zone is split into ten different development areas. Within each area, the city allocates various amounts of density for commercial or residential purposes.

The amendment that RMR is looking to make to the bylaw would allow them to shift the density from one area and move it to another ad hoc. The change would allow the resort to shift up to 30 per cent of the density from area one to one of RMR’s other designated development areas. However, the reallocated density cannot exceed 15 per cent in one of the other areas.

City staff were in favour of the amendment in the report that they assembled for city council. For the resort, the change would help several aspects going forward in their master development plan, including reacting to market conditions, infrastructure constraints, and individual geological analysis of the various areas.

Council voted to proceed with the second reading of the zoning bylaw, and to have a Committee of the Whole meeting with RMR to go over the proposed amendment with them.

Zach Delaney

About the Author: Zach Delaney

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