City Council approved the draft budget Community Guide at yesterday’s meeting. (File photo)

City Council approved the draft budget Community Guide at yesterday’s meeting. (File photo)

Community Guide to Revelstoke’s draft budget now available

A community meeting will be held March 7

Council has given preliminary approval to the city’s draft 2019 budget and long-term financial plan, and the related 2019 tax increase and is now seeking your valued input.

The public is encouraged to review the guide to the 2019 draft budget and long-term financial plan and provide feedback to Council. The guide is available on the city website here and feedback can be sent to

A public information meeting will also be held on March 7 at 3 p.m. in the Council Chambers, to provide the public an opportunity to share their concerns or comments to Council

The guide was developed to help residents understand how the City of Revelstoke operates and manages its finances, so they can provide informed input to Council on long-term financial planning and service delivery. The guide provides some basic information about the city’s operations, its budget principles and processes, as well as some basic budget facts.

Local governments are the closest level of government to the public, which makes us the most accountable when it comes to balancing community service needs with financial realities. The city hopes that the guide will become a high-level reference for residents to use during discussions about the way the city does business, about the types and levels of services delivered and how the city manages its finances.

“The guide is a carefully thought out document which provides the public a chance to understand the complicated financial process of local government as well as giving the public the opportunity to provide feedback to Council for consideration during their budget deliberations,” said Mayor Gary Sulz.

The director of finance, Tania McCabe said, “The guide was created in an effort to explain the draft budget and financial plan to the public because the City feels strongly that informed citizens are more engaged and more likely to participate in the planning process”.



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