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CSRD applies for funding for a composting program at Revelstoke Landfill

BC Organics Infrastructure Program is taking applications for a maximum of $300,000
The CSRD will apply for up to $300,000 for a composting facility at the Revelstoke Landfill. (Submitted)

Banana peels, mouldy bread and potato peelings won’t be filling up the landfill in Revelstoke, if a CSRD grant application to construct a Food Waste Composting Facility is approved.

At the May 16, Regular Board Meeting, Columbia Shuswap Regional District directors voted unanimously to make an application for grant funding to the BC Organics Infrastructure Program, for a maximum of $300,000.

This would cover two-thirds of the eligible costs to construct the facility at the Revelstoke Landfill.

Directors also affirmed their support for the project, agreeing to pay the remaining costs.

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The total cost for the construction project is estimated at between $550,000 and $650,000.

The CSRD has already budgeted $350,000 in 2019 for construction of the first phase of a two-phased project.

If this grant application is successful, however, it would allow the entire project to be developed at one time. This would reduce the overall construction costs.

Feedback from community members in Revelstoke shows a high degree of public support for food waste composting and in 2013, the CSRD set aside land at the Revelstoke Landfill for yard and garden waste composting.

If grant funding is approved, this area would be expanded to introduce food waste composting, including a building, cover system and aeration capabilities to allow air flow for the effective production of compost.

“The construction of a facility at the landfill to enable the composting of food waste, yard waste and other organic waste will provide environmental, social and economic benefits that is consistent with the desire of the community,” said Ben Van Nostrand, team leader Environmental Health Services, in a report to the board.

The CSRD is hoping to receive word on whether the grant application is successful this summer.



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