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Decision made: Revelstoke Mountain Resort approved for zoning bylaw amendment

The City of Revelstoke voted in favour of the amendment at a council amendment on April 13

Revelstoke City Council has voted in favour of the amendment to a zoning bylaw which would allow Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) to apply for density shifting as they continue to develop their land.

The proposal that was made in October, 2022, and postponed until after the election; discussed in February where it was granted on one vote but failed in second reading; and received a public hearing in early April, has finally been approved by Revelstoke City Council.

The proposal, which the Revelstoke Review provided updates on regularly, was for a request that Revelstoke Mountain Resort made to request a density shift from Area 1 of their development zones to other areas.

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Early in April, Revelstoke City Council hosted a public hearing about the proposal, to receive feedback from the community. With a total of six letters received in advance of the hearing (two in favour, two against, and two expressing concerns) and four residents who spoke at the meeting (three in favour, one against), the issue has been one of the most engaging topics that this city council has dealt with since the election.

At the Special Council Meeting on April 13, council remained at odds over the decision.

“I believe that this should be defeated,” said Coun. Tim Palmer. Palmer added that he would like to continue working with RMR to get a clearer plan of where density would go on resort land to ‘minimize uncertainty’.

Coun. Lee Devlin followed up by stating that even though he has been hesitant to place his trust in RMR in the past, he feels as if the necessary adjustments have been made to the amendment to suit council and the community’s needs.

“If there was specific concerns, then those can be addressed, but I don’t see any validity in thinking ‘something bad might happen some day’,” added Devlin.

Coun. Austin Luciow cited that the community was vocal about restricting short-term rentals in future development in the areas adjacent to the Arrow Heights community, and that he doesn’t feel that has been completely addressed in the amendment.

“I think we’ve had ample time to debate this,” stated Coun. Matt Cherry, adding that he was comfortable moving forward with the decision.

Council voted 4-2 in favour of adopting the amendment to the zoning bylaw, with Coun. Luciow and Palmer voting in opposition.

Coun. Aaron Orlando was absent from the meeting on April 13 as he had previously declared a conflict of interest.

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