Eight vying for Revelstoke school board

Three people will be challenging the current five trustees for a spot on the Revelstoke Board of Education.

Three people will be challenging the current five school board trustees for a spot on the Revelstoke Board of Education in the upcoming elections.

Bryan Dubasov, Elmer Rorstad and Jewelles Smith are the new names going up against incumbent trustees Alan Chell, Doug Hamilton, Mauro Morrone, Jeff Nicholson and Annie Wilson.

Over the next five issues leading up to the election we will be posing the same question to each trustee and publishing their responses. Question one is:

Why are you running for school board?

Annie Wilson

I think that electing any one particular person should have an impact on improving of the quality of education offered in Revelstoke.  They need to bring with them a willingness to work hard and become informed about all of the important issues affecting the quality of programming we can provide with the resources allocated to us. I believe that the Board of Education functions best with a spirit of collaboration; ongoing collaboration with the District staff, collaboration with community stakeholders involved in literacy and education and collaboration with the students and parents in our community. If elected, I will continue to participate fully on the Finance and Facilities Committee to provide a voice to encourage the Ministry of Education to review the current funding formulas, a process that has recently begun as a result of school districts across the Province submitting input to the Technical Review Committee. I am running again for the position of Trustee on the Board of Education to continue to bring a voice of support to our early learning partnerships with key stakeholders in the community. I am committed to public education and to providing the best programming and supports to the students of School District #19. I want all of the students in our school district to receive the highest quality of education we can provide.

Bryan Dubasov

There are numerous reasons for my wanting to be a trustee, the main one being, I have three grandsons just starting out in the system and two granddaughters beginning in a few years. I want to make absolutely SURE that they will continue to receive the best education that is possible and I know, with my experience and understanding, that I will enable them to do just that.

Alan Chell

I am running for school board because I am a very strong supporter of the British Columbia public education system and I believe I can contribute at both a local and provincial level. The next three years will be an incredibly exciting and challenging time with the opening of our new secondary and elementary schools and our Neighbourhoods of Learning projects of the theatre, gymnastics centre and early learning hub. We will also need to address the issue of future use of our closed schools. We are regarded as one of the highest performing school districts in the province and we will need to continue to support all of our programs and initiatives that have led to this success.

Mauro Morrone

I am running again to continue the pledge and oath I made to all the students, staff, and community 6 years ago when first elected to the board; to represent the community and advocate for public education.  My passion and commitment has grown and intensified over this period.  I continue to support creating the best learning and working environment we can for our district.  I mirror the district’s vision of creating an education system in Revelstoke that enables all learners to achieve academic success to their potential, obtain personal fulfillment, and demonstrate social responsibility.  There are many difficult decisions that trustees have to make.  There are many factors that affect/influence our decision-making, including, but not limited to, fiscal responsibilities/restraints, labour relations, government mandates, parental/community issues etc.  Respecting these challenges, I still pledge to be accountable to the community with every decision I make.  I believe every decision I make will better prepare our children to be the future leaders of tomorrow.

Jewelles Smith

As a parent of two children in the school district, both with learning difficulties, I am very interested in ensuring that our school district meets the needs of children with special needs in the classroom. I also believe that parent participation on boards is essential to having our needs heard. The board has done a great job in the past, but I believe it is important to bring in new faces and new ideas.  The best way to meet the needs of all participants in our school district (students, teachers, support staff, administration, and parents) is to be actively involved, and as an engaged parent and active parent, I believe the best place for me to continue to ensure that we have an outstanding education system for our children is at the board level.

Jeff Nicholson

I believe passionately that public school education is an essential foundation of a democratic society. It can do much to promote understanding and acceptance of diversity among peoples, reduce antisocial behaviours and give all children an equal opportunity for success in life. The District has initiated several programs in the past ten years that have resulted in great progress towards these goals. I would like to continue as a school trustee to support further improvements in the education of our children.

Doug Hamilton

I’ve been a school trustee for 13 years and I want to be here to see the opening of both of the new schools. And for the stuff I do in the schools with the kids – like cooking hamburgers and hot dogs and sports days and that sort of thing.

Elmer Rorstad

I feel that my participation on the Board of Trustees will help to maintain and enhance the current high standards of education being delivered to students in Revelstoke.  My experience as a teacher, coach, employer of students and now a parent of a two year old will bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table.  On a personal note, being a new parent has created the desire to see him receive the best education possible.  If elected, I will familiarize myself with all components of the educational system in Revelstoke and make informative decisions benefitting the students of Revelstoke.