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Former Princeton businessman unfit to stand trial due to dementia

Randy Folk was charged with assaulting a peace officer in 2022
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Former Princeton businessman Randy Folk was deemed unfit to stand trial due to frontal-temporal dementia that got worse unnoticed in the pandemic.

A hearing on Folk’s fitness was held in Penticton’s courthouse on March 22, with a forensic psychiatrist who went over the report that was prepared for the court.

Folk is charged with several serious crimes, including assaulting a peace officer with a weapon, dating from August 2022. Other charges were laid in February

When asked, the psychiatrist said the dementia may have begun with smaller personality changes in 2019 to 2021, before progressively getting worse.

“I don’t think Mr. Folk is naturally or historically an anti-social person, so it does impair his judgement and his level of aggression,” the psychiatrist told the court.

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Folk will remain detained in a psychiatric hospital while the case is considered by the BC Review Board.

“He is struggling with significantly different issues than the population he is currently with, so if he is found unfit he will be moved to an area that better addresses his needs, and also to keep him safe,” Crown said.

The progression of his dementia eventually led to Folk being unable to handle the tasks necessary to upkeep his business, the court was told.

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