The donations are piling up in Veteran’s Square. Photo Facebook, Barb Gould

The donations are piling up in Veteran’s Square. Photo Facebook, Barb Gould

Heaters, water, firewood and blankets donationed to help Princeton families

Corporations and organizations are stepping up to take care of residents

As families continue to struggle in Princeton without heat or water, as well as face dwindling food supplies and other shortages due to flooding and highway closures, community partners are stepping up to help.

Copper Mountain Mine, in conjunction with the Town of Princeton, hosted a barbecue in Veteran’s Square Wednesday, Nov. 17 for anyone wanting company and a hot meal.

Princeton SBC FireMaster dropped off a truckload of firewood and briquettes, while the mine was handing out sleeping bags, air mattresses, pillows and large jugs of water.

Princeton Crisis Assistance made diapers and baby wipes available. Weyerhaeuser and the Princeton Baptist Church were also offering cases of water.

On Tuesday, Nov. 16 members of the Princeton District Teacher’s Union, in conjunction with an out-of-town Church of the Latter Day Saints, delivered two truckloads of supplies to those in need.

Those supplies included 200 cases of water, disposable plates and cutlery, blankets and 70 much-needed space heaters.

“As (we) drove around town delivering supplies to families in dire need we heard many stories of heartbreaking loss,” said district union president Richard Jensen. “Many were in tears, they were so grateful to have a heat source for the night.”

There are 290 properties in Princeton under evacuation order and another 300 remain on alert.

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