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More cougar sightings in Kelowna; not unusual for time of year

Cougars are often seen at night hunting for food or a home

More cougar sightings have been reported in Kelowna.

Multiple reports have been made in recent nights around the areas of Lakeshore Road, Dickson Avenue, Abbott and Richter Streets.

The nocturnal nature of cougars makes them most likely to be spotted at night while hunting or searching for a permanent home.

Cougar sightings are generally brief and non-incidental.

While not unusual for the area, residents are reminded to stay vigilant in the evening and nighttime hours; when cougars are most active.

The best way to protect yourself is to reduce attractants: don’t leave pets or pet food outside at night, don’t feed other wild animals such as raccoons or deer and close off sheltered places like porches.

If encountering a cougar make yourself as big as possible, keep your distance, don’t run or turn your back and keep children close.

Cougar attacks on humans are rare, but if one does attack the best course of action is to fight back.

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