Dogs have been permanently banned from Mt. Revelstoke National Park summit and back country. (Review file photo)

Dogs have been permanently banned from Mt. Revelstoke National Park summit and back country. (Review file photo)

Mt. Revelstoke summit and back country closed to dogs permanently

Dogs allowed on-leash only in some other areas

The summit and back country of Mt. Revelstoke National Park has been permanently closed to dogs and they must be on leash in all other areas.

The dog restriction encompasses the entire summit area beyond the Columbia Viewpoint including the upper Lindmark Trail beyond the junction that leads to the Meadows in the Sky Parkway, and the Summit Trail beyond the fifth crossing of the parkway.

Dogs are also not allowed on the Balu Pass trail or the Connaught Creek drainage in Glacier National Park, in order to protect the watershed.

In the summer of 2019 the summit was closed temporarily to dogs after an encounter between an off-leash dog and a bear that lead to $1,000 fine.

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The year-round restriction was introduced this year, though leashes were always required.

According to Parks Canada the minimum fine for a dog off-leash in a national park is $58. That amount can be increased depending on the number of instances and severity of the situation. In court a judge can administer a fine of up to $25,000 and may ban the perpetrator from visiting national parks.

Dogs are welcome, on-leash, in the front country camping sites, however owners must:

  • ensure dog is on leash and under control at all times
  • pick up and dispose of your dog’s waste in a garbage bin
  • only bring your dog on trails where they are allowed

Other tips from Parks Canada include:

  • consider leaving your dog at home if you plan to hike or camp in the backcountry
  • consider using a licensed dog-boarding or dog-walking service
  • ensure your dogs safety-select suitable activities and terrain that aligns with your dogs abilities
  • ensure you and your dog are prepared for extreme weather conditions

See Parks Canada’s website for a list of dog friendly trails in Mt. Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks.

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