Godfrey’s Aunt says that Austyn was a beautiful soul (Kelly Robertson/ GoFundMe.com)

Godfrey’s Aunt says that Austyn was a beautiful soul (Kelly Robertson/ GoFundMe.com)

No updates or arrests 3 months after suspicious Kelowna death

Austyn Godfrey was found dead at a Kelowna dog park, after warning her friends the may be murdered

Three months after the suspicious death of Austyn Godfrey, no arrests have been made.

Cpl. Tammy Lobb of the Kelowna RCMP told Capital News that there is no update on the Godfrey investigation.

“Her death is still being investigated as suspicious,” said Lobb.

Godfrey’s death has not been deemed a murder.

The body of Godfrey, a 25-year-old from Ontario, was discovered at Kelowna’s Glenmore dog park around 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 16.

Ashley Henry, one of Godfrey’s friends, told Capital News that they were together having a movie night six hours before Godfrey was found dead. The two young women were hanging out until approximately 2 a.m. when Godfrey left.

“The few days leading up to her death were really good and we had a really good time,” said Henry.

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Matt Kennedy, a friend from Godfrey’s hometown of Kingston, told Capital News that he saw concerning posts from Godfrey’s social media shortly before her death.

“She literally posted ‘if I wind up dead it is ‘cause (sic) of this guy,” said Kennedy.

Godfrey also allegedly posted screenshots of messages between her and the ‘guy’ that she was concerned about, warning her friends of his intentions.

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Henry does not personally know the man pictured in Godfrey’s posts but said that he was allegedly “extremely abusive to her and she had been trying to leave him for a long time.”

Godfrey’s family and friends organized a fundraiser to cover costs incurred by the sudden death, raising over $8,500.


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