Public gets say on Mackenzie Village development in early March

A public hearing for the major Mackenzie Village development has been scheduled for March 8 at the Revelstoke Community Centre.

This drawing shows the proposed sub-zones

This drawing shows the proposed sub-zones

A public hearing for the major Mackenzie Village development has been scheduled for early March at the Revelstoke Community Centre.

Revelstoke residents will have its say on the Arrow Heights development at the community centre on Tuesday, March 8, at 7 p.m.

Revelstoke council gave first and second reading to the bylaws that would allow the 1,200-unit development to be built on Tuesday.

Final approval would be contingent on support by council, and the city and the developer David Evans coming to a turns on a Master Development Agreement (MDA).

The MDA would set out what works the developer is required to undertake before it begins construction on each phase of the project, Dean Strachan, the city’s manager of development services, told council.

A covenant would be placed on the land saying a phase couldn’t be started on until the required servicing was put in place.

I think this is a really smart way for this development to move forward with this covenant on it,” said councillor Linda Nixon. “I think it will hep the community understand it’s a market-driven development.”

Evans has proposed a large development with up to 1,200 units, though the final amount would depend on the market. The footprint of the development would stay constant, but the number of units could change depending on what is selling.

The re-zoning bylaw creates a comprehensive development zone for the 35-acre Nichol Road properties. It allows for small neighbourhood commercial uses along Nichol Road; and a variety of housing types throughout the property.

The bylaw divides the property into six sub-zones, each with their own possible residential uses, ranging from small apartments to single-family homes.

An open house was held on the development last April. From that, Evans was required to produce seven reports outlining the financial, infrastructure, and traffic impacts of the development.

You can read Evans’ proposal and the text of the re-zoning bylaws below:

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