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‘Puke and rally’: Kelowna rider represents in mountain bike reality show

PinkBike Academy was filmed at the Big White downhill bike park

One of Kelowna’s coolest athletes was selected to compete at the Pinkbike Academy mountain bike reality show, which was shot at Big White.

Mia Serratore is competing against riders from around the world for a $30-thousand grand prize and a professional mountain biking contract.

While Serratore was at a slight advantage, with the competition happening to take place at her local mountain, the playing field was leveled when all athletes were given the same bike to ride and their phones were taken away for the “crazy” week.

In addition to grueling races and challenges, the athletes were judged on their ability to bring the “complete package,” to the mountain, which includes attitude and social media presence.

“Puke and rally,” became Serratore’s tag line after she vomited, threw up a Shaka and got back on her bike.

Serratore said that she normally has a tough stomach but the extreme competition pushed her to her limits over the course of the week.

“We were absolutely put through the ringer,” said Serratore.

Despite the high-stakes competition, Serratore said that she and hilarious host Katie Burrell became friends and spent their down-time making each other laugh at PinkBike Academy.

The first three episodes of the 2022 season are now available to watch on Youtube.


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